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Barb Jungr - Waterloo Sunset [SACD] (2005)

Barb Jungr - Waterloo Sunset [SACD] (2005)

Artist: Barb Jungr
Title Of Album: Waterloo Sunset
Release Date: 2005
Location: England
Label: Linn Records (AKD 222)
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Pop
Quality: SACD (*iso+covers)
Length: 54:44 min
Tracks: 12
Total Size: 3.35 GB (+5%)

Barb Jungr is an English singer-songwriter, composer and writer, of Czech and German parentage. She is known as a chansonnière, or singer of chansons—in the sense of classic, lyric-driven French songs; in the broader sense of European songs in the cabaret style; and in the even broader sense of a diverse range of songs interpreted in this style. She is also an acclaimed jazz and cabaret singer, and has become best known for her work with, or "interpretations" of, the songs of Bob Dylan. A song-stylist incorporating jazz and blues, her approach often includes radical re-readings of known writers as well as original material.


01. Do You Play Guitar? [3:52]
02. High Water [5:49]
03. Cathy's Clown [3:35]
04. This Masquerade [5:09]
05. The Great Valerio [3:49]
06. When Do The Bells Ring For Me? [2:55]
07. Written In The Dark Again [5:26]
08. Like A Rolling Stone [6:03]
09. Lipstick Lips Lament [4:22]
10. Laugh Clown Laugh [3:30]
11. Waterloo Sunset [4:32]
12. The Joker [5:35]

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