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Jose Padilla - Binary Sun (2013) Lossless

Jose Padilla - Binary Sun (2013) Lossless

Artist: Jose Padilla
Title Of Album: Binary Sun
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: WM Spain
Genre: Electronic, Lounge, Chillout, Downtempo
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Tracks: 13
Total Time: 00:53:20
Total Size: 374 Mb

01. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Carousel (05:33)
02. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Adios Ayer (04:03)
03. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Cosmos (04:43)
04. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Aguila (04:08)
05. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Straight Lines (03:57)
06. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Helios (04:41)
07. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Binary (03:23)
08. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Cielo (03:34)
09. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Dragonflies (03:50)
10. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Two Hearts (03:31)
11. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Caminos (03:43)
12. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Akami (03:36)
13. Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch - Moonbeam (04:32)

Almost two years ago Dragonflies (Cantoma Remix) became my go to summer tune while driving several thousand miles across North America, and now, two years later, the song still holds dear place my heart when the day's rays are long and July gives way to August. Kirsty Keatch's voice is beautiful, the lyrics ambiguous but interesting, and the melody itself just downright happy. So, being somewhat familiar with Jose Padilla due to the Cafe del Mar series and the various other albums he produced, I was very excited to see him team up with Kirsty Keatch for the entire album of Binary Sun.
So, is this album any good? In this humble music listener's opinion, it's great! Kirsty's voice and guitar riffs are transcendent, and the album has a playful if somewhat melancholy tone to it that fits almost perfectly with what Dragonflies set me to expect. Taken track by track some are stronger than others, but listened to start to finish, it's a pleasure.
For me, the standout songs are Cosmos, Aguila, Akami, and the final track, Moonbeam. I'm happy they included the original version of Dragonflies, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit this was one of the first times I'd heard it without being remixed. I've heard Helios quite a bit, and while I wasn't a fan at first, somehow in the course of listening to this album I've come to change my mind. The track seems to fit perfectly where it is in the album, right between the vocal and trumpet heavy track Straight Lines, and the speedier, more digital sounding track Binary.
Am I audio expert? No, not at all. I'm just a dude who likes to put on some headphones (DT-880s) and listen to relaxing tracks while I work or watch the world go by. And this album makes it all the more enjoyable. Here's hoping Kirsty Keatch & Jose Padilla continue to team up and make more albums like this.

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