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Wolfgang Voigt - Zukunft Ohne Menschen (2013)

Wolfgang Voigt - Zukunft Ohne Menschen (2013)

Artist: Wolfgang Voigt
Title Of Album: Zukunft Ohne Menschen
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Profan
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 63:36 min
Total Size: 141 MB


1. Z.O.M. 1.1 (05:22)
2. Z.O.M. 1.2 (06:50)
3. Z.O.M. 1.3 (06:16)
4. Z.O.M. 1.4 (06:32)
5. Z.O.M. 1.5 (04:16)
6. Z.O.M. 1.6 (04:55)
7. Z.O.M. 1.7 (06:42)
8. Z.O.M. 1.8 (03:51)
9. Z.O.M. 1.9 (10:04)
10. Z.O.M. 1.10 (08:30)

'Zukunft Ohne Menschen' documents ten tracks created by Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt for the entrance of this year's Art Cologne fair. Its title translates to "life after people" - also the name of a German TV show that imagined what would happen to the planet is the absence of mankind - in reference to the music itself - manually operated arpeggios played with a hand-operated machine - is a super charming array of colourfully spooling, sweetly dissonant cadence and waltzing pulses which could, in theory, be rolling out for infinity to a new world of overgrowing flora and fauna. As far as sci-fi concepts go, this is certainly thought-provoking, and ultimately, if this is what the world would sound like once we're gone, then the mutant rhino-rabbits and whatever else are roaming the earth will be in for a treat when they can figure out how to crank Wolfgang's machine.

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