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Dunes - Noctiluca (2012)

Dunes - Noctiluca (2012)

Artist: Dunes
Title Of Album: Noctiluca
Year Of Release: 2012-03-06
Label: Post Present Medium
Genre: Dream Pop / Indie / Post-Punk
Format: mp3
Quality: 255 kbps avg
Total Time: 38:26 min
Total Size: 70.27 MB


01. Jukebox Adieu (3:22)
02. Lonely Palm (2:59)
03. Vertical Walk (4:41)
04. Red Gold (2:34)
05. Living Comfortably (2:50)
06. Falling [In...] (4:00)
07. Shadow (4:26)
08. Cameron (3:40)
09. The Spark (2:16)
10. Minnow & The Machine (4:01)
11. Tied Together (3:41)

"Dunes are a mysteriously ethereal and minimal trio from Los Angeles, CA. Appropriating pop and experimental music into a familiar swirl, while retaining a fresh outlook and approach, Dunes inhabit a space of tweaking, twisting, imagining moments and emotions from the past, destined to end up as their future. Stephanie Chan, formerly of Austin, TX bands Finally Punk, and The Carrots plays guitar and sings in Dunes, she creates surreal and dreamy narratives with her lyrics and uniquely beautiful, powerful voice. Mark Greshowak (Talbot Tagara) plays baritone guitar and sometimes bass, weaving melodies back and forth with Stephanie, making lush tones in the process. Kate Hall, played drums in Mika Miko before holding down the rhythmic duties and also singing for Dunes.

Having released a 12" EP on Mexican Summer, two 7" EP's, one on Los Angeles label Teenage Teerdrops, the other on San Diego's Art Fag and a tape on Ooga Booga, Dunes are primed to release their full length. These undoubtedly great pop songs sink in further as you listen, the perfect blend of three musicians experimenting towards the common goal.

Featuring 11-tracks, Noctiluca is a well thought out record, moments can bring you to the crafty and whimsical pop of The Cocteau Twins, while staying stripped down to feel as though it may be through the lens of Richard Hell, or as anxious as R. Stevie Moor. Post-punk, post-pop music played and interpreted by three great players who hold nothing back."

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