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Coppice Halifax - Pawleys Island (2011)

Coppice Halifax - Pawleys Island (2011)

Artist: Coppice Halifax
Title Of Album: Pawleys Island
Year Of Release: 31-10-2011
Label: Milieu Music / MMD 019
Genre: Ambient / Electronic / Downtempo
Format: mp3
Quality: CBR 320 Kbps
Total Time: 115:00 min
Total Size: 251 MB


1. Coppice Halifax - Tropical Depression [07:32]
2. Coppice Halifax - Palisades [05:57]
3. Coppice Halifax - Hurricane Party [05:29]
4. Coppice Halifax - Flooded Summer [02:35]
5. Coppice Halifax - Barefoot Stargazer [06:07]
6. Coppice Halifax - Surfside Beach [07:00]
7. Coppice Halifax - Rolling Smoke On Pier Four [06:16]
8. Coppice Halifax - A Sandbar In Your Mind [07:02]
9. Coppice Halifax - Greensea [05:31]
10. Coppice Halifax - Birthday [02:23]
11. Coppice Halifax - Inlets [06:08]
12. Coppice Halifax - Now It's Dark [05:56]
13. Coppice Halifax - Sleeper Botany [05:01]
14. Coppice Halifax - Little River [04:30]
15. Coppice Halifax - Sunken Tape [06:39]
16. Coppice Halifax - Ovals III [08:05]
17. Coppice Halifax - WD40 [04:28]
18. Coppice Halifax - The Gray Man [05:58]
19. Coppice Halifax - Inland By Night [05:52]
20. Coppice Halifax - Duster Balloon [06:31]

Over two years in the making, Pawleys Island could be considered the
quintessential Coppice Halifax album. Started in 2008, and built via a year-
long sifting process which was the Analog Botany series in 2009, Pawleys is a
potent double-album that collects everything about a specific time and place
and bottles it up in stylish colorful glass jars. Conceptualized as a
representation of Brian's experiences in and around the actual Pawleys
Island, a marshy coastal location just outside of Myrtle Beach, where Brian
grew up, these recordings are a wistful kind of sad nostalgia for good times
and bad times too. Building sandcastles as a child, going on school field trips
to learn about marsh wildlife, partying with friends as a teen. Poolhopping,
playing shows, pancake houses, warped cassettes in the car stereo,
romance, hurricanes, shitty jobs, driving 40 minutes one-way to get back
home, alone, at 3 AM, doing 60 through lampless country roads, mildly
stoned, deep inside SAW 85-92, Cosmic Thing and "Kid For Today", zooming
from the coastline to the country. Pawleys Island is the summation of all of
these things, and more...musically it could be considered an apex of Brian's
work within the dub techno template, but with lots of additional influences
and flavors mixed in as well. Pawleys Island is an album about the bliss you
find in missing things, and the comfort in being sad.

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